Over the years Roper & Associates have established a reputation for providing our clients with confidential, ethical and legally compliant valuation reports based upon the highest qualities of research, valuation methodology and presentation..

Our practice has extensive knowledge in the surveying of buildings both for the determination of rentable areas (in terms of SAPOA’s standard method of measurement), and the determination of the replacement costs. Further to this we have extensive knowledge in the surveying of buildings, surrounding works and land for the purpose of determining the Open Market Value, Depreciated Replacement Value as well as the Insurance Value. This is all substantiated by the amount of properties valued - in excess of R75 billion.

These skills have been obtained over 27 years of this valuation practice being in existence and tested in the market place on an ongoing basis by way of our motivated reports which, notwithstanding being given only to the paying client, are in some cases circulated to numerous parties who have vested interests either for collateral purposes or dispute settlements.

We undertake the valuation of residential, commercial, retail, industrial, agricultural and specialised property with respect to litigation, collateral, liquidations, expropriation, sequestrations, property trusts, acquisition/ mergers, participation bond schemes, annual financial statements, municipal valuation appeals, replacement values for insurance, expert witness in litigation or arbitration.

Our services cover the greater Durban area plus KwaZulu-Natal north coast, south coast and midlands as well as other neighbouring provinces.